Indidye® utilizes a revolutionary patented dyeing technology that combines natural, beautiful colors and dyes with an innovative ultrasonic fibre dyeing process. this is what gives the unique indidye® color fastness results, never before achieved with natural plant dyes, without adding chemical mordants, metals or salts.

It’s all natural. 100% plant derived.

The dyeing technology is applicable to both natural and re-generated fibres. As it is a fibre dyeing (top dyeing) technology, dierent fibres can be blended into the yarn during the mélange spinning process to achieve specific technical properties.

By eliminating waste water in the dyeing process, water consumption is significantly reduced.
Through lower dyeing temperatures and shorter dyeing times, Indidye® also offers measurable improved efficiency in energy and emissions.
With no hazardous chemicals and a low environmental impact, Indidye® is truly eco-smart dyeing technology.

Thanks to the presence of the exclusive antimicrobial agents in the polymeric matrix there is no migration from the fabric to skin, avoiding induction of allergy.
Breathable and naturally hydrophilic.
Guaranteed lifelong durability.



Sorghum shell


Sappan wood

Chinese gall


Flos sophorae

Certified and traceable

IndiDye® is certified following the Control Union Plant Dyes Standard, a rigorous certification process that verifies all-natural content in our dyes and dyeing process. Sustainability of product is based on the principle to reduce the negative environmental impacts of its business across the supply chain.
The standard promotes practices that create social and environmental benefits.