Recofil® collects and sorts textile waste resources from all over the planet.

We use textile waste as a raw material resource, diverting it from landfill and incineration.
We become less dependent on virgin materials, we don’t use water or chemicals and we reduce our CO2 emissions and energy usage.
We develop low-impact, high-performance recycled fibers for all types of fashion, accessory and home textile products.

Used clothes and garment production waste is submitted.
Old garments and textile waste are deposited at collection bins for re-wear or recycling.
We recover used clothing and textile waste.

Textile waste is recycled into new Recofil fiber.

Cutting and shredding what was once considered “waste” into valuable new Recofil® fiber.
Recofil® fibers are spun into yarns and then knit or woven into new textiles for virtually every product application imaginable.