Sustainable corporation for companies that care about.

Fashion companies can make their business more sustainable with our help.Because we have a wide selection of sustainable products on the market, we can make products that are better.
We only work with trusted, certified factory partners. The future must be clean, through by continuously reducing their environmental footprint, and investing in quality fabric and workmanship.

Welcome to a better world.

We believe the first things you put on in the morning are the most important. They’re close to your skin. They represent the way you intend to move forward. They form the basis for how you go about your day.
They must be comfortable. They need to perform. They must to support. They need to inspire. They need to be stylish.


We just love our socks. Our socks are made of the highest quality for work, sport, leisure, and fashion.

By using a large catalogue of sustainable materials, the most quality knitting techniques, innovative technology, and sensitivity to fashion trends, we are capable to meet customer demand in OEM and ODM. 

In addition to organic cotton, Indidye Plant Dyeing yarns, BCI Cotton, Recycled Cotton, CMIA (Cotton Made in Africa), Recycled Nylon, Recycled Acrylic, Recycled Polyester, Ecovero, and some bio-based yarns, our socks collection stands out for its high supply chain transparency.


They are the perfect complement to keep your head warm when the seasons begin to change and never go out of style.
Our hat options meet the expectations of our customers.
Regardless of the trends and the target, we can offer beanies made with recycled materials, or eco materials.


Seamless garments are an emerging trend with good acceptance between consumers, are comfy garments and look good.
A wide variety of multifunctional seamless wear options are available to your company.

Slippers & fluffies

One of the best winter sensations is to put your feet inside a pair of very warm fluffies or slippers. 
We work with different sustainable materials so that you can keep your feet comfortable and warm.
Always committed to creating our products with conscious and recycled materials to help protect your feet and the environment.


We offer a wide range of possibilities with our specific fabrics and fibers for different types of sports such as Yoga, cycling, running, trekking,
With antimicrobial properties, quick drying, durability, etc.

Home Textiles

Our proposals for fabrics and fibers for home products are varied and suitable for being close to the skin, anti-allergic, pleasant to the touch, breathable, light with a high level of wear throughout the year.


The comfort of your underwear makes a huge difference in our daily life.
The best  underwear fabrics provide lots of comfort and softness, some stretchiness, breathability, good absorbance, and hypoallergenic properties.