Neacel® is a new deodorant regenerated fiber (DRF) obtained by using graft copolymerization technology to introduce deodorant groups on the regeneratedfiber macro-chain.

Our patented Neacel® technology provides permanent odor-free and antibacterial performance to all products.

This fiber can quickly react with the molecules in the odor and eliminate a large amount of odor substances in a short time.

From intelligent underwear to high-performance activewear, to functional home textiles, Neacel® fulfills the promise to today’s consumers that they have made an intelligent investement in what they wear.

CERTIFIED: According to official certified tests Neacel® has been proven to provide effective antibacterial activity on dyed yarns.

Thanks to the presence of the exclusive antimicrobial agents in the polymeric matrix there is no migration from the fabric to skin, avoiding induction of allergy.
Breathable and naturally hydrophilic.
Guaranteed lifelong durability.