Our story

Saco green is a global manufacturer of legwear, bodywear, apparel and accessories, one of the leading souces in the industry, offering a full range of products for kids and adults.
We are an established socks company company since 1997, with years of experience in the textile industry. We have built long-term relationships with customers all over the world.

In addition, we supply yarns in a variety of forms, including filament yarns and staple fibers.        
The Saco Green products are certified, ensuring full transparency and traceability through the entire textile supply chain, from farm to finished product.                                  
All partners in the textile processing supply chain are required to meet strict environmental and labor standards, including no child labor, safe working conditions, and fair wages.
An excellent system for OEM and ODM supply chains!

No matter how large or small the customer or order, Saco Green attaches importance to every customer and every order. We have extensive experience providing customers with multi-functional textiles.
Sustainable production is the foundation of our textile development. 

With our Barcelona-based designers, you can achieve whatever your fashion goals are

We are qualified for GRS, OCS, GOTS,PDS, OEKO-TEX100, BSCI, WRAP certificates as well as adopt the Higg Index system.

Bussiness model

Our company started as a socks company and we produce all kinds of socks. Over the years of development, we have introduced a whole line of sustainable yarns and completed our traceability system. With a new aim to be a leading supplier of garment textiles in China, we have expanded our product range into garments, seamless gym, underwear, home textiles, and accessories like beanies, scarves, and gloves.

·In 1997, our first socks factory was established in Shangay with 55 employees.
·In 2009, we opened a sales office in Minhang Shanghai, near Hongqiao Fast Train station.
·In 2012, we opened our own factory in Haining city for cut-and-sewn socks and garments.
·In 2018, we launched seamless related products including underwear and yoga sports.   
Taicang socks factory opened with a monthly capacity increased to 2 milllion pairs socks with 105 employees.    
·In 2019, we launched our hometextile business, and the entire sustainable traceability system is complete.
·In 2020, we successfully marketed our sustainable yarns Recofil, Reacryl, Neacel, and Veglon

With our 20 years of experience in exporting, “Quality First” motto and constant innovation enterprise, we are certain to be better than we have ever been. Through your participation in the sustainable textile business, we believe a better planet will be revealed soon. 7


Sustainability is the only way we act.
Sustainable thinking is at the heart of everything we do, and means that we only choose fabrics and yarns that take care of our environment, and we also work with factories that are also concerned with their impact.

Reduce the environmental impact.
Reduce the pressure on virgin resources.
Reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic.
Our values are tangible
We believe in traceability and transparency

All our yarns are fully traceable: it is possible for anyone to monitor our supply chain and follow the path of the threads, from the origin of the raw material, along all the processing stages, which are done entirely in production, to the final product.


We at Saco green believe that everything is constantly changing, and there are always new ways to make the future better.

Saco green fibers are a significant part of high-quality products that improve individuals’ lives.
While protecting our natural resources, they are also helping to conserve them. We strive to improve lives through research, exploration, and invention.
Sustainability is the essential and first concern for every innovation at Saco green.

We are really focused on always investing in a new sustainable and recycled product that can inspire us with innovative ideas.

Our business success is based on our commitment to this principle.

Our goal

By delivering on our corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products,” we will do our utmost to reach our goals.

•Make business oriented toward good service and quality.
•Provide sustainable choices in the fashion industry while protecting the planet.
• Close follow up and support to buyers and designers.
Minimal impact on the environment: Choose materials that are low on both social and environmental impacts and obtained with respect for all living creatures.
Reduction of toxic and harmful substances at every stage of the production process.
Social responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
Environmental responsibility with particular attention to water and energy resources on production.


Our head office is located in Shanghai

We own two factories, one in Zhejiang and another in Jiangsu Province.

In 2017 we set up European design studio located in Spain.

Our spain office in focusing on providing fantastic designs and quick action service.

No matter what designs are required, we’ll make it happen.